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Star Fox Zero


14/05/2016 20:17

Seeing this when I scanned my Falco amiibo took me back when I first saw the new X-Wing...

Shovel Knight


09/05/2016 08:37

To extend my health or not to extend..that is the question! Hmmm...Mmmmm

Shovel Knight


09/05/2016 08:03

Still after release I am enjoying Shovel Knight! Beaten it both on Wii U & 3ds & it's j...

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3D Shinobi III Community


02/01/2016 21:10

Open Closed

Sega Old School gamers

Anyone still play their sega master system,Genesis,Dreamcast or CD or Saturn? If so which ones or one & what's your favorite console & still play to this day & fav...